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This weekend is a winner for art lovers. Let’s start with Beacon Arts and its Critics-as-Curators series, Densities: Line Becoming Shape, Shape Becoming Object curated by Peter Frank, art critic for the Huffington Post and Adjunct Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum. Artists exhibiting work include Philippa Blair, Ran Harari, Ton Jenkins, Joel King, John White and Jae Hwa Yoo. This Saturday, Jan 21, Beacon Arts opens early, at 11am, to coincide with the LA Art Show while next Saturday, Jan 30, Beacon Arts hosts a pancake art-brunch catered by IHOP followed by a panel discussion with Peter Frank. – Moni Pineda

Painting by John White

Densities: Line Becoming Shape, Shape Becoming Object curated by Peter Frank

Philippa Blair, Ran Harari, Tom Jenkins, Joel King, John White, and Jae Hwa Yoo

Friday, December 10, 2010 – Sunday, January 30, 2011

“Life is complex, and life in Southern California, genial as it may be, is especially complex. In their art these six artists have manifested both the intricacy of their own minds and of the elaborate social and topological environment they share with us. You can almost see your house from here,” says Frank.

More opportunities to view Densities:

Saturday 1/22 11am-6pm: Open House to coincide with the Los Angeles Art Show

Sunday 1/30 1pm-4pm: Closing reception & Art critics salon/Panel discussion with Peter Frank at 3pm

Pancake brunch catered by Ihop 1pm-3pm

Beacon Arts Building / 808 La Brea Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90302

Peter Frank
Peter Frank

Props appreciated. You're kind to bring home the Beacon. Welcome to LA! Rock on.


Thank you! Digging the LA art scene & loving it here so far. See you at the exhibit this weekend...