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Have you ever been out on the dance floor letting the beast out to some Dubstep, or just at home bumping a little Skull Disco, Burial or Skream and thought about making your own Dubstep track? Well that day is here. The good people at ClubCreate have created the ultimate Dubstep Studio to have you making your own tracks within minutes. Don’t believe me try it yourself. Send us your best mixes we’d love to hear them:



About Club Create
Empowering the Universal Language of Music

Headquartered in New York City, ClubCreate stands at the intersection of music, technology and culture providing free, web-based music creation tools for the masses : Empowering Personal Creativity. ClubCreate breaks down the barriers to music creation providing Brands with unique ways to engage new customers.

ClubCreate is the next step in the evolution of User Generated Content (UGC), moving from an old and inflexible model to an environment of infinite flexibility, where “Content is King” and can be created, stored and shared from anywhere and by anyone with an internet connection.

To date, our first generation technology has been enjoyed by millions of people entering creative advertising contests and campaigns in partnership with top global brands. Our online technology has been used to customize and remix video game soundtracks, enabled fans to create soundtracks to commercial television spots, created music tracks using only car sounds, recut basketball video highlight reels and educated children about IPR by creating and ‘selling’ ringtones.

This volume of success confirms the attractiveness of our interactive creative tools and offers proof to the high level of engagement, satisfaction and general sense of fun that our tools embody. Moreover, the successes of these promotions prove the technologies effectiveness, user friendly design, durability and scalability.

[via: ClubCreate]