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Allow me to introduce you to The Black Ships, an up-and-coming band based out of Saratoga Springs, New York, who have raised their sails with a sound that is not only retro but fresh and definitely fun. The band features John Gill on guitars, vocals, bass and Shane Sanchez on beats, keyboards, and sampling. With the release of their 2011 EP entitled ‘Ocean’ on Lo-Fi Kabuki Records, we audio enthusiasts plunge into a guitar driven post-punk sound with influences from Joy Division, The Smiths, Morrissey, The Clash, The Cure, The Verve, La Peste, DFA 1979 to Depeche Mode.

The Black Ships have also embraced the DIY punk ethic by making a name for themselves independently of commercial funding or distribution using the same computer they use to record. Find links to their online presence and tunes for download below.

If curiosity piques, and you’re tired of the same ol’ censored drivel, check these fellas out live. On Tuesday, January 24, 2012, they’ll be playing at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY and on February 15, 2012, at Bogies in Albany, New York.

Here’s a clip of their latest music video entitled, “Bangalor,” shot and directed by front-man John Gill himself. Enjoy the music and enjoy exploring the infinite abyss of possibilities. — Roz Baron **Co-Contributor to this post and fellow music blogger: Nicholas Blair

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