videos we love :: pixação’s barbarian alphabet

While in São Paulo working on Estilo Hip Hop back in 2005, I came across a style of graffiti I had never seen before. And man that shit was EVERYWHERE! Up and down the sides of buildings, ledges and roofs- It was as if the whole city had been infected by this style of art, I later came to know as PIXAÇÃO. During my stay in São Paulo we met tons of artists who had a different takes on how and why it started, as well as how and why it continues to spread like wildfire. This video is a great exploration into one train of thought.


The glorious menace of PIXAÇÃO has been disseminating through the streets of São Paolo for decades, leaving the whole population to feel as if they are living in Suicidal Tendencies’ band room. These videos capture the primitive form of graffiti as it lives now while giving a little back story of how it derived over the years from heavy metal imagery, barbarian alphabets, and pissed off favelans wanting to ram a paint can into the faces of the upper class. Thanks to Cool Hunting for putting this together.

via: We Make it Good