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Docs We Love :: WikiRebels – Documentary / Full Version

Docs We Love :: WikiRebels - Documentary / Full Version

Sweden’s public service television, SVT, is releasing this one-hour documentary chronicling the history of WikiLeaks. From summer 2010 until now, Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network WikiLeaks and its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

Docs We Love :: Diplo’s No One’s Safe (Pilot Episode “NOLA Bounce”)

Docs We Love :: Diplo's No One's Safe (Pilot Episode "NOLA Bounce")

Diplo aka The Anthony Bourdain of music strikes again…This time the DJ slash producer slash filmmaker aims his lens at the NOLA Bounce scene in New Orleans. Looking forward to catching this one when it airs on Current TV.

Docs We Love :: Favela On Blast

Docs We Love :: Favela On Blast

Filmmakers Leandro Hbl and Wesley “Diplo” Pentz’s documentary Favela On Blast gives us an intimate look at one of Rio De Janeiro’s funk scene, also known as baile funk. Think Miami bass meets Brazil. Regardless of how you feel about Diplo’s appropriation of this music, the film captures the scene within the marginalized favelas of the city, breaks down the most popular “beats” & styles while translating the sometimes crass & hyper-sexualized lyrics.

Docs We Love :: I’m Biracial…Not Black

Docs We Love :: I'm Biracial...Not Black

Our good friend, Carolyn Battle Cochrane has a new documentary, I’m Biracial…Not Black, which explores the issues faced in the daily lives of biracial individuals in both the Black and White communities. Now, Carolyn wants to spread her message even farther, through Oprah’s Search For the Next TV Star. If Carolyn gets enough votes, she could have her very own TV show that covers the subject of multicultural communities, as well as the racial issues that face our country every day.

Docs We Love :: The Cove

Docs We Love :: The Cove

This Oscar nominated documentary uncovers the secrets behind the live dolphin trade market and the subsequent annual slaughter of 23,000 unwanted dolphins in The Cove of Taiji, Japan. Not only does the film unfold like a suspenseful thriller but it also sheds light on a myriad of other issues associated with this violent and barbaric industry. Watch the trailer, rent the DVD and tell a friend.

docs we love :: the union lane graffiti project

This documentary by Russell Boyd takes a look at the Union Lane Graffiti Project which was created as a ‘legal’ way to curate & present the prolific graffiti community in Melbourne, Australia.

docs we love :: between the folds

‘Between the Folds’ filmmaker Vanessa Gould explores the expression of mathematics through origami. The film chronicles 10 fine artists and eccentric scientists who have devoted their lives to the unlikely medium of modern origami.