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Videos We Love :: Daudanosiai Forest: Hunters

Videos We Love :: Daudanosiai Forest: Hunters

Let me start this off by saying that Andy Kehoe is a hell of an amazing artist. That said, obviously we’re not the only ones who think so. Recently, Andy had come across a “tribute” video that was made by a fan of his work. After watching it about 50 times, we just needed to share it with you.

art we love :: roland tiangco’s poster project

art we love :: roland tiangco's poster project

I’ve always been a fan of any art that involves more participation that just focusing your two eyeballs on a fixed point. When I first saw this poster project by artist Roland Tiangco I thought…”Wow! Now that’s taking art into your own hands.” Another fun example of a little thought outside the box going a long way. I also love the fact that no two posters will ever be the same…