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Street Layers We Love :: Vinny Cornelli, Photographer & guest blogger

Street Layers We Love :: Vinny Cornelli, Photographer & guest blogger

There are times when you meet someone haphazardly only to realize you share similar passions, interests and perspectives. This is what happened when I met Vinny Cornelli. Soon after we exchanged information, we checked out each other’s work and we realized we wanted to collaborate somehow. So here we are.

Vinny is in finance by day and by night he documents public art through his project Street Layers, photographs for Brooklyn Vegan & Brooklynstreetart and now writes for Friends We Love as a guest blogger. This past summer he needed to get his Radiohead fix and planned a tour through Europe that included back to back concerts, street art photography and studio visits with some great artists. He’s got stories for days and we couldn’t be happier that he’d like to share them with us.

family we love :: by guest writer jacqueline schneider, the mint collective

After this massive internal reflection and consequently reaching out to 100 + humans in my accessible network face to face and via the internet here are some ways we came up with to describe family:

friends we love :: jacqueline schneider, the mint collective

We are happy to announce that we’re opening up the Friends We Love blog to writers from around the world who are ready to share what they love in their lives. Our first guest writer is Jacqueline Schneider, a beautiful soul who has supported our video series from the jump. She is a savvy digital media connector who is co-founder of the Mint Collective in California. Please read more about Jacqueline, the Mint Collective below, but most importantly read her piece, Family We Love.