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Events We Love :: A Picture of Haiti 6 Months Later

Events We Love :: A Picture of Haiti 6 Months Later

Partners in Health, along with the Clinton Foundation and artists Swoon and Ben Wolf, are hosting a fundraiser to improve drinking water conditions in Haiti, six months after the devastating earthquake that hit the country on Wednesday July 14th at Honey Space in Chelsea.

Charity Water We Love :: NYC Donations for Haiti

If you read our holiday post on charity:water you know we are big fans of their operation and practical approach to the global epidemic of clean water. Now we are happy to announce that they’re applying their know-how and resources to the devastation in Haiti. They will be accepting donations at their offices in Manhattan between now and Monday for a plane that is leaving for Haiti on Tuesday!

Please gather your gently used clothes, sheets & blankets that take up too much room in your little closet & get yourself over to the charity:water offices. This is a REAL and CONCRETE way to donate and feel that you’re helping ease the pain & suffering being felt at this time. Also, please spread the word, retweet, post this link or theirs – get to it please. Time is of the essence. Thank you!